Wednesday, June 21, 2017

His to Win

28 players and a prize pool of $2,100.

Top five got paid this week: Todd, Chris S, Henry, Greg and Danny.

Danny pushed for 10k and got the call from Chris. Danny with KK against QT. Danny flopped his set, Chris turned his straight, no boats on the river. Community cards: A K 4 J Q.

Next to get it all in against Chris was Todd, he pushed all in for 32k. Todd with A5 vs A9. The flop J 3 3, the turn paired Todd, the river out paired Todd with a 9. A 3 3 5 9.

Chris raised UTG to 18k, Harry called shy of the full amount. 8T up against 44. A ten in the window left Harry in need of a 4... No such 4 arrived.. J T 3 9 8, Chris winning with two pair, Harry taking 3rd.

Greg and Chris played it out heads up. Chris had a chip lead of around 40:1, despite this, some surprisingly chaotic hands:

Greg was all but all in on the BB 6/8k chips. Chris Pushed him all in for his last chips, Chris with J5, Greg holding 98. Greg flopped a pair on the flop, rivered two pair and finally flopped a boat on the 7 Q 9 8 9 board.

the next action we had was Greg pushing on the SB with K2, called by Chris with 44. 3 A K T 2 gave Greg two pair and around 30k chips.

Chris pushed, Greg calls, A3 vs KQ. The flop gave Chris an open ender, the turn a seven high straight, the river an 8 high straight (Counterfeit split). 4 5 7 6 8.

Greg pushed into Chris with 95, some time passed, Chris made a loose call with KK. T J 2 K 6, dead on the turn.

Well done to Chris on a dominating the tournament, also to Greg for staying in the chase until the end!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Snowmen Arrive Early

This week we had 19 players and a prize pool of $1,200. With 19 entries we paid out top 4, they were: Ray, Ray, Rayel and Gary.

Final four play lasted all of 20 minutes.

Gary bet all in into Ray Wo with AJ and got called with AT. The board ran out; 5 Q 6 7 7. Nobody hit the board and Gary's J played.

Rayel min raised UTG, Ray Wa re-raised all in and after a bit of thought, got called by Rayel. Hole cards; Ray K8, Rayel J8. Rayel hit his Jack on the flop. The river was null when another Jack was turned. J A 2 J 5 on the board.

Rayel and Gary were our final two and they only lasted one hand!! Gary pushed on the SB and Rayel called. A7 against 88. The flop came out 7 J J giving both players two pair, Queen on the turn and another Jack on the river. Rayel took out the tournament with a Full House J's over 8's.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

PLO Takes out Hold'em

18 Players playing it out for their share of $1400.

The final four this week were: Alex, Gary, Miguel and Matt.

Miguel pushed for $21,000 on the SB with J9 and was called by Alex (big stack) with 98 on the BB. A A 3 on the flop. A seven on the turn gave Alex a second pair to the boarded Aces. The Queen on the river was of no use to Miguel.

Our final three players this week just happened to all be Dunedin PLO ambassadors. Hold'em, perhaps not the favorite game but they managed to Hold their own.

Alex pushed into Gary with 98 and got Called by AJ. Alex flopped an open ender with 6 4 7 on the flop. Gary paired up with a Jack on the turn. A duck on the river had no consequence, Gary sends Alex home with 3rd place.

Matt and Gary played it out heads up for a few hands before the final. Matt pushed all in pre with KT, action went to Gary who made the call with A7 in the hole. The board came out low with 5 2 5 6 4. Gary took out 1st with an Ace kicker to the pair of 5's on the board.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Roy #1

$1,400 in the pot with a total of 16 players this week.

We had Ray, Chris R and Gavin in the top three.

Ray had lost the majority of his stack in the previous hand to Chris and was left with a stack of 10k. Ray went all in blind for his 10k stack and Chris called. Ray turned over 7 4 off and Chris had A7 in Spades. The flop came out J T 2 (all spades)...... Bad luck Ray. Chris flopped the Nut flush and Ray was dead before the turn. A and a Q on the turn and river.

Heads up was between Chris and Gavin, Chris being the big stack. Gavin pushed with A2 on his SB and got called off by Chris with J5 in Diamonds. Gavin's flopped a pair of 2's (9 K 2). The turn blanked with a 3 and the much anticipated river delivered Chris his Jack! Bad luck Gavin.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Noel Takes Out #1

We had 16 players and a prizepool of $1,400  this week.

Our three cash finalists were: Gary, Noel and Ray.

Gary pushed with AQ, Ray was sitting in wait and called with KK. We had 3 T 6 2 5 on the board, Ray dodged the Ace and Kings held up.

Noel and Ray played out head's up over three blind levels. Chip stacks yoyoed and chip leader switched a couple of times. By the end there was around 30 BB's in play. Noel pushed pre ad was called by Ray; A5 vs J7. The community cards were:  T 2 2 2 Q. Nobody hit the board for the final hand but at least both players hit trips! Well done Noel, taking it out with his Ace high playing.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Sweet Taste of Pineapple Victory

This weekend was full of excitement at Dunedin Casino as we launched Crazy Pineapple for the first time in New Zealand.

18 eager players turned up for the New Zealand Crazy Pineapple Poker Championship. With a prize-pool of almost $4,000 the stakes were high.

The competition was slow and steady and we had our final table after about four hours. Top three were paid. They were Aaron M, Alex M and Josh B.

Aaron was short stack as he went all in with A-4-? Josh called with K-K-? Board was 10-7-6-7-A and with Aaron rivering top 2-pair, he got a nice double-up.

After losing out on a few big pots, Alex went all-in post-flop with J(c)-8(c)-? Josh called holding 9-6-? With q-4(c)-9(c)-3-K on the board, Alex missed his flush and Josh's pair of 9's was enough to stay in the game. Alex still took home 3rd place prize, a Crazy Pineapple T-shirt and a golden pineapple.

Josh was next to go all-in with Q-A-? (suited). Aaron called with 10-10-? Board was 3-7-6-J-J so Aaron's 2-pair won him the tournament and first ever Crazy Pineapple Championship in NZ. He also took away with him the trophy and some pineapple souvenirs. Well done.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Robbing the Competition

We had quite the modest turnout with 15 players this week, 1st place still left with over $600.

The field condensed to out top 3 of: Alex, Ray and Robert.

Ray and Alex both got it in on the flop with one pair and a jack kicker on a board of: 8 3 A 5 2. Alex's pair of 8's was still good by the river.

Heads up was between Robert and Alex. The two played it out for around 15 mins until the final play. Robert got it all in on the turn, Alex with J 3 and Robert holding A6,  J A 8 2 7 on the board. Robert with a pair of Aces, he was called by Alex with 2nd pair (J). Without a Jack or three for Alex, Robert's Ace held up.

Nicely played Rob!