Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Play it Out Blind!

Dunedin Casino Poker Texas Holdem Weekly Wednesday 6-Max

20 players playing it out for a share of $1,666 this week.

Those who made it to the cash were; Dan H, Josh B, Ray Wang and Daniel P.

Josh shoved pre and was called by Daniel P. Five blanks on the board; 6 9 Q 5 6. AK held up for Josh and he sent Daniel home with 4th place. Dan H dodged a bullet this hand when he folded AT on the BB.

Dan pushed UTG as the small stack with QJ and was called by Ray with K9 off  "the mutt". A suspiciously low flop let Ray's K high sneak through and take the pot. Board: 7 3 2 4 3.

Heads up we had Ray and Josh B. Chips started about 60:40 in Ray's favor but within 4 hands the chips had moved between the two just as many times. Ray was left with around a 10th of the chips in play and went all in blind and was called by Josh before the cards hit the table. Q J K 3 7 were the community cards but the hole cards stayed down for suspense..... Both players turned over a Jack.. Ray had a 6 to go with it, Josh had more ink in the hole and turned over a Queen to take out 1st place (2nd time in as many visits).

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Impeccably Timed Rockets.

With a moderate turnout this week, we had a prize pool of $1,550.

Chris R, Greg, Gavin and Martin were our top four finalists this week, all taking home ca$h.

Gavin went all in with around 8 BB's and KJ in the hole. He was called by Martin with AJ in diamonds. A low board dodged everyone's hole cards: 9 6 6 T 3. Martin takes the pot and knockout with Ace high.

Chris pushed into Greg's shorter stack with K9 and put Greg all-in with his AT. Greg flopped top and bottom and Chris flopped a guttie; T Q A. Turn came out a Queen which didn't change anything.. The river filled the hole and completed Chris' straight with a Jack.

Heads up we had Martin and Chris R playing it out. Funnily enough, it only lasted one hand!!! Chris on the SB, Martin on the BB. Chris limped the extra 4,000, Martin checked. Flop paired martin up and he Barreled the flop with an all-in and was called down by Chris. T5 up against AA with 5 6 K on the board. An 8 on the turn and again on the river finished up the tournament.

Nicely played Chris!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bullets do the Real Damage.

25 Players and a prize pool over $2,100 for those who ventured out in the rain this evening.

Alex, Gary, Josh and Sammy were our cash winners this week.

Heads up was between Sammy and Josh.

The penultimate hand of the tournament saw some sneaky play and both players with two pair on the flop, here's how it went down...Very close stacks, Blinds 6,000 - 12,000 and Sammy on the SB. Sammy min raised to 24k and was carefully called by Josh. Flop comes out 3 3 7, Sammy bets half his stack, Josh retaliates with an all in, Sammy calls. Sam had hit top pair  with T7 in the hole, Josh turned over a pair of bullets (over pair) which he had been hiding away. The turn and river were 2 8. Sammy was left with a 12k stack.

Sammy was all in on the BB the next hand with A8 of Diamonds and Josh called with JT off-suit. Josh hit the Ten in the window. Turn and river were no help for Sammy, only delivering rags. Community cards: 5 T 7 3 6.

Nicely played Josh!

Thank you to all who ventured out on this puddle of an evening, as always an entertaining night and good banter all round.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


This Wednesday we had 23 players show up to battle for the 2k prize pool.

Josh, Gavin, Alex and Sammy were tonights top four players.

Josh had a relatively small stack compared to the other three and pushed all in with J 7, everyone folded except Gavin who as big blind was calling all day. Gavin holding T 4 hit his ten on the turn holding to knock Josh out.

Alex is next to go all in double suited pre with K 6, Gavin holding Q J suited has another reasonably easy decision to call. 8 3 7 3 5 on the board, a pair of threes with a king kicker is good for Alex.

Final two, Alex is dealt pocket 8's and gets it all in pre, Sammy has a count of his chips and calls with A 9,  the final board is 8 Q 3 7 T , Alex flops a set and scores another win for the year.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Full Boat Finish

Karl and his Boat

18 Players and a cool $1750 for the top 4 this week.

Final table raced to heads up this week, 5 players got knocked out within half an hour. Dan H, Ray, Karl and Chris R were our top 4.

Ray pushed all in pre with a pair of 3's, Dan called with KT. The flop came out A A 4 and gave Dan a shot at a counterfeit. A King came out on the board and all but secured Dan the pot.. 5 on the river sent Ray home with 4th prize.

Chris shoved all in pre into Karl, and got a call. A3 up against Karl's A9. Q Q A on the flop gave Chris a good chance at a split. Unluckily for Chris, the turn came a 7 and the river a 4.

Dan and Karl played it out heads up for around an hour. Karl managed to switch the balance of power, going from 1/3 chips in play to 2/3 in a flip between his AK and Dan's pocket 7's.The flop had given both players a good pair and a decent pot to bet into.  Dan and Karl got to the turn (Queen) before the chips were in the middle, Dan calling with T6 and Karl holding AQ. The river came out a Queen which gave Karl a full house to top off the Tournament, a worthy hand for his first 1st of the year.

Well done to all who cashed tonight and during Sunday's Deepstack.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Maynard the Best Man Win!

We had 20 players turn up for the March $200 Deepstack Tournament today. All of them were eager to win their share of the prize pool of almost $4000. The tournament ran for almost seven hours.

We paid the top four; they were Ray W, Alex M, Kev F and Gary T.

Kev's once big stack was diminishing and he eventually pushed all-in for less than the big blind. He had A-8. Alex had K-Q. Alex flopped the set of Q's which was eventually enough to send Kev packing. (Q-8-Q-10-2)

Ray was the next to go all-in, shoving pre-flop on the small blind with J-3(s). Alex called with pocket 7's. Though Ray flopped two spades, the turn and the river saw nothing and Alex's 7's held. (5-4-A-6-4)

Last to try and take Alex down was Gary. Pushing all-in pre-flop with K-6, Alex snap-called with A-10. Gary flopped top-pair but an A on the turn gave Alex the better pair and the tournament win. (K-8-Q-A-J)

Thanx to all those who came to play and congratulations to our winners.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Chris with his finishing hand.
Heads up between Aaron and Chris started pretty even 140k vs 105k,

 Aaron got a double up with 55 vs AJ.

Chris managed to work his way back into the game doubling up to 60k

Chris got it all-in against Aaron's raise, Chris managed to climb up to 50% chips, winning with  55.

With even stacks, the two decided to split the top prizes.

Chris got a juicy AQ in the flip for the photo.


This Sunday is the $200 15k deepstack, starting at 2:30.