Wednesday, April 25, 2018

✿✿✿ANZAC Day Terminator Tournament✿✿✿

We had 18 players show up this ANZAC Day all playing for their share of a $1700 pot. With bounties in play, the competition was fierce.

The top three were paid. They were Kirby M, Gary T and Jayden H.

Flop of K-Q-J came up, Kirby shoved all-in with K-9. Jayden called and had flopped the nuts with 10-A and with only a 4 and 3 showing on the rest of the board, there was nothing to save Kirby. She still took out 3rd place and managed to get a bounty not long beforehand as well.

Gary was the next to strike. He managed to double-up with K-K against Q-Q, but it was all over when he went all-in with K-9 pre-flop. Jayden called with Q-A. Board was 5-A-7-Q-Q so Jayden rivered the boat and took out the tournament along with 3 bounties.

Congratulations to our winners and watch this space to learn about our new up and coming Wednesday tournament.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

No Problemo For Tonight's Terminator Winner!

Another fun action packed night of poker as usual at Dunedin Casino.  We had 17 starters tonight with 44 Addons and 36 Rebuys making a total prize pool of $1547 plus another $425 in bounty's.

Tonight paid the top 3 places, 1st $775, 2nd $465 and 3rd $310

Hand of the night had to go to Hao who calls an all in with 7 2 up against Jeremy P with K 2, flop comes K 2 10, Jeremy well ahead and Hao around a 3% chance, turns a 7 and river another 7 giving Hao a boat and hand of the night.  Who says 7 2 is no good?

Kama eventually came back to haunt Hao when he peeps at A A and shoves and gets a caller from Simon who has K K, flop comes 10 2 4, turns another 2 and the river a K!  Aces cracked again for the night, and Hao was out in around 13th.

Final table and we had a massive 3 way all in preflop with Greg with K 4, Daniel with As Qs and Jermey P with A K, flop comes 3s 5s 7, turns a 4 and unfortunately for Greg the river a Js giving Daniel the nut flush and a double knock out taking 2 bounty's.

A few hands later and again a big 3 way all in, this time Martin with K 10 up against Hayden with J J and Chris R with A 5, flop comes 9 9 Q, turns a 2 and river a 3, Martin out in 5th.

Down to the final 4 and tonight's bubble!  We had Josh with 10 10 up against Hayden with J J, flop comes 8 3 5, turns a 6 and river a 10!  Josh hitting trips on the river and Hayden our bubble tonight taking away 2 bounty's.

final 3 and Chris has Qs 8s and pushes, Daniel calls with A Q, flop comes 3 2 2, turns a 3 and river a J, Chris out in 3rd taking away $310 for 3rd and also 4 bounty's.

Heads up and Josh and Daniel play for around an hour!  They decide to do a deal both taking $500 each and leaving $240 cash, a photo and of course the title of Wednesday night Terminator Champion to play for.  Finally the final hand
comes and Josh has A 2 and shoves, Daniel calls with 8 8, flop comes Q K 10, turns a 10 and river a 4, Josh out in 2nd taking $500 for his deal and taking 2 bounty's as well.

Tonight's winner Daniel taking away $740 for his 1st place and taking 5 bounty's away as well.  That's a total of $865 for his night.

Another great night of Poker at Dunedin Casino.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Frantic Start to Wednesday Night Terminator

Tonight's Terminator Bounty tournament started with a hiss and a roar, true to form no one turned up early but all 16 players arrived right on 7.45pm and we were away.

16 players and we had a total of 41 rebuys and 44 addon's making tonights total prize pool of $1621 plus another $400 in bounty's.  Tonight's action paid to the top 3 places.

1st $811
2nd $485
3rd $325

Right away we had a massive 4 way all in, we had Roger with K K, Mok with 5d 6d, Chris T with A A and Chris R with A K, everyone's all in and flop comes Q 8 9, turns a 10 and rivers a 7, Mok taking down a massive pot with a straight.

11 players remaining and to break it down to one table we had Adam with K K moving all in against Mok who show's A A, nothing fell and Adam out before final table.

Tonight's bubble went to Chris K who was slightly short stacked and moves in with A 10, Hayden sees 6h 9h and calls, flop comes 2 K K, turns a 6 and river an 8.

Gary and Mok then go head to head, Gary with with only 27k moves all in with Q 6, Mok calls on big blind for an extra 11k, flop comes A 10 A, turns a K and rivers a 10, Mok's 5 4 no good and Gary doubles up.

Next hand and again its Gary and Mok, this time Mok has J Q and Gary 7 7, flop comes 5 10 8, turns a 3 and rivers a 6.  Gary again doubles up.

2 hands later and again it was Gary and Mok, and again Gary wins the battle, this time with J 6 and Mok has A 4, flop comes 6 5 J, turns a K and river a 2, Mok out in 3rd taking $325 plus $50 in bounty's.

Heads up and both Gary and Hayden do a deal, both taking $600 each and playing for $96 and the title of Terminator!

Final hand and Gary has Q 3, Hayden has A 3, flop comes 6 5 J, turns a K and river a 2, Hayden out in 2nd taking $600 plus another $150 for his 6 bounty's.  Gary taking $696 for 1st and another $125 for his bounty's.

Another great night of poker.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Tonights Terminator Winner Just Wouldn't Die!

Tonight's action started with only 12 players spread evenly across 2 tables, even with this many players we still had 28 Rebuys and 29 Addons making tonight's total prize pool of $1101 plus another $300 in bounties.

1st prize tonight was $551, 2nd $330 and paying to 3rd paying $220.

Right away we had some great hands, Chris R flopping Quad Aces early in the tournament and we had Andrew flopping an open ended straight flush only to get run down runner runner by another flush!

Final table and we had a huge 3 way all in with Hayden with Q 8 up against Des with J 9 and Noel with J J, flop comes 7 10 2, turns a K and river an 8, Des rivering a straight and Hayden out in 5th place.

Bubble tonight went to Martin who on the small blind moves all in, Kirby in the big blind looks at A 5 and calls.  Martin never looked at his cards but has 9 3, flop comes J 10 K, turns a 5 and river a 3, Kirby taking the pot and Martin's bounty with a pair of 5s.

Next hand we had Des and Noel all in against each other.  How Des was still in the tournament I don't know?  Des had 2.5k left earlier which was just enough for a 500 ante and a 2k small blind!  From this he battled and grinded his way back to have 45k, which was exactly what Noel had.  Noel looks at A 4 and pushes all in, Des looks at A J and calls, flop comes J 3 10, turns a K and river a 3, Noel out in 3rd place taking away $220.

Heads up and we had Kirby up against Des who just refused to die.  Both decide to do a deal taking $400 each and playing for the remaining $81 and the Wednesday night Terminator Title and Photo!

Final hand and blinds are 8k/16k, Des on small blind just calls and Kirby
bets no harder.  Flop comes Q A 3, Kirby moves all in, Des looks at Q 5 and thinks for a long time and finally calls, Kirby shows 2 3, turns a 7 and river a 6, Kirby out in 2nd place taking $400 and $75 in bounty's.

Des from under 1 big blind comes back to win the Tournament taking away $481 plus another $175 in bounty's.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Terminator Says "See ya Latta"

Another great night of poker with a huge week in Dunedin with Ed Sheeran playing later this week and the short week with Otago Anniversery day on Monday and the long Easter Weekend comming up.  Still we had 17 loyal eager players making the effort to battle it out for our Wednesday Night Terminator Bounty Tournament.

17 players rocked up tonight to battle it out for a total prize pool of  $1513 plus another $425 in bounty's.  This included 36 Rebuys and a massive 42 Addons.

Top 3 places paid tonight with 1st paying $755, 2nd $455 and 3rd $305.  Not a bad pay day for 17 entries.

Straight after the rebuy period and players were dropping like flys.  Bubble tonight went to Mok who was knocked out by Chris R.  Mok looks at 8c 9c and shoves, Chris looks at A A and shoves all in and Mok calls, flop comes 10 10 3, turns a 5 and river an 8 and Mok out in 4th but takes 2 bounties for his effort.

Finally 3 we had Chris, Gary and Noel who again for the 2nd time missed the bubble position.  Leaving in 3rd place we had Chris with J 7 up against Gary with K Q, flop comes 3 3 K, turns an A and river a J, Chris out in 3rd taking away $305 plus another $50 for his 2 bounties.

Heads up and Gary and Noel do a deal both taking away $550 each leaving $110 plus one bounty to play for.  And they both wanted the extra cash as this heads up game went on for about 25 minutes. 

Final hand and Gary was forced all in with just one big blind having been crippled by Noel in the previous hand.  Gary had 10 8 up against Noel with K Q, flop comes A Q A, turns a 6 and river a 5, Gary out in 2nd taking his $550 plus another $75 for his 3 bounties, Noel taking out one bounty for the whole tournament but the only one he needed.  Noel takes $660 plus $50 for his kill and his own bounty.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

♠♥♣♦ Pocket Rockets Bring Home the Bounty ♠♥♣♦

We had 18 players turn up for this month's Deepstack Tournament. The Terminator 300. With a prizepool of over 3k and Bounties of $100 up for grabs, the competition was fierce.

Aggressive play saw some early knock-outs. One hand in particular saw Gary all-in with KK with two callers, both holding AA. Though it didn't look great for Gary, he flopped the set tripling his stack and seeing him to the final table.

The final four left in the tournament were Mok H, Chris R, Aaron M and Noel L.

Chris went all-in with Q-2(h). He had two callers; Mok with A-K(s), and Aaron with A-6(h). Board of K-J-9-5-J and all flush draws dead saw Mok's two-pair take the pot, and Chris bubbling.

Next hand to do some damage was a board of Q-Q-2-Q-5 between

Noel and Aaron. Quietly checking the turn, Aaron shoved on the river with a confident K-K, however Noel threw down Q-4. Finally Noel claims his first Bounty and Aaron walked away with 3rd place.

The last hand (the first hand of the new dealer) saw Mok going all-in with K-Q. Noel called and showed pocket A's. Board 4-10-2-10-2 left very little for Mok, but awarded Noel the pot, another Bounty and of course the win. A quiet achiever throughout the tournament, but he brought it home in the end. Congratulations.

Watch this space to see when our up-and-coming tournaments are and we'll see you on Wednesday for the weekly Terminator Tournament.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wednesday Night Terminator Royal Flush

Tonight we had 24 players show up with some crazy action including Gary T taking down a big pot turning a Royal Flush.

There was rebuy after rebuy with some very aggressive all ins on most tables.  All up there was a massive 67 rebuys and 65 addons making tonight's total prize pool $2508 plus another $600 in bounty's up for grabs.  This made for a great 1st prize of $1133, 2nd $700, 3rd $425 and paying to 4th taking $250.

Royal Flush hand, we had Gary T with Ah, Kh up against Norman with A 3d, both all in preflop and flop comes Jh 10h 2, turn was a Qh giving Gary a Royal Flush!

Final table and right away we had a huge 3 way all in with Gary holding 10 10 up against Geoff with 4 5 and Greg F with A A, Flop comes A J 8, turns a 2 and river an 8, Gary out in 7th and Geoff in 8th, Greg taking over 120k in chips plus 2 bounty's.

Out in 4th place taking away $250 was Greg F with 7 7 up against Andrew with A A, nothing fell and Andrew taking away a size able pot and another bounty.

Final 3 players were all very similar chip stacks decide to do a deal each taking away $600 each and leaving $283 for the winner.  Chris R with K 3 up against new comer Ian with 8 9, flop comes Q 6 5, turns a K and river a J knocking Ian out in 3rd and Chris taking a bounty.

Final 2 playing for $283 and Chris goes all in with A 10 up against Andrew with K 2, flop comes 3 Q A, turns a Q and river a 6 making Chris's A good enough to take another bounty and over all win.  Andrew leaving with $600 and another $100 for his 4 bounty's.

Chris R taking out the Wednesday Terminator Tourney plus another $125 in bounty's.

Another great night of poker before our first $300 Terminator Tourney starting at 1pm this Sunday.