Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Terminating the Competition

24 would be terminators geared up tonight. We had a prizepool of $2,100 plus $600 of bounties in the mix.

Top four got paid out this week, we had; Hayden, Alex, Josh and Daez.

Blinds 2k/4k. Josh raises to 8.5 on the SB, Hayden pushes all in, Josh calls. Hole cards;  Josh AJ, Hayden KQ. The Queen came on the flop for Hayden. Josh got an extra chance with a guttie on the turn. King on the river scored Hayden two pair ftw.  Board: 2 Q 3 5 K.

Top 3 played out for around 30 minutes, once stacks balanced out, a deal was made (even split, with a bonus $150 for 1st). With uncertainty out of the way, the tournament promptly concluded.

Alex pushed all in with Q9. Hayden was sitting in ambush, he called with AK. Alex's chances got worse after the flop, Hayden hitting trip Kings against two nines. The turn was a blank... The river was a 2nd nine. Alex rivers a full house nines over Kings, Hayden's Kings over nines took the pot. 9 K K 4 9.

Top two both went in blind. Hayden: Hayden with A8 in Clubs vs Daez with A3 in Spades. community cards: 9 7 2 5 6. Hayden hit a straight on the river (8 high was also good).

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Terminator Leaderboard Update 2

After week two, the unknown Hayden has taken out 11 players to hit the lead in his first outing.  Is this a man or a machine, and will his form carry him through to win the monthly prize.  Only time will tell at this point.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Returminator Roy

We had a solid turnout this week of 31 players, the prize pool got to $1,990 with 31 x $25 bounties in the mix.

After the break, the field thinned quickly, balancing tables seemed to be like sending lambs to the slaughter.

Top 5 this week were: Julian, Chris, Hayden, John and Todd.

Julian was the short stack, he pushed for 7k, Todd followed suit, all in for 20k.  Hayden, with both players covered, called.  Julian QQ, Todd J8 and Hayden holding KQ.  Julian was looking even stronger after a flop of 6-4-5.  Then the turn came out a 2 giving everyone a gutshot!  But no, the river a K and Hayden scoops!

John managed to go under the radar on final table, holding the small stack without any bounties.  Everyone seemed to be falling around him but before he knew it he was sitting in 3rd place.  The bet made it to 36K pre from Hayden, John called and Chris folded.  Hayden pushed on a flop of 3-6-7 and John called.  98 against K9.  Open ender with a flush draw against the King overcard (no paired hole cards). 7 and 4 on the turn and river, Hayden takes the pot with a flush, securing heads-up and another bounty.

Chris and Hayden had a big exchange of power when Chris took around 70% off Hayden's stack in a previous hand.

The final hand however began with 6K/12K Blinds, Chris pushed on the SB and Hayden called.  Chris could have been testing his luck with stealing blinds... or just feeling lucky?  Chris rolls over 84 against Hayden's Q9.  A snowman, the first card out, 8-3-T the flop!  A six on the turn gave Hayden a gut shot, but a 5 on the river gave Chris the win.  Well done to Chris for impressive back to back wins and a justified 7 kills this week.

Hayden performed strongly throughout the tournament, managing to accumulate 11 bounties, kick starting himself to #1 Terminator after two weeks.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

He'll Be Back!

There were 23 players this week in our first Wednesday Terminator Bounty Tournament.  The prizepool got to $2,050, with $575 in knockouts available for the taking.

Dan H, Daez, Jason, Troy and Chris R were our top 5 this week.

We sat on the bubble this week for over an hour until we got to the cash. Troy got 35k all in and was called by Dan. Troy with A9 up against QT. The flop was T 3 A to pair both players.  Troy sitting pretty with top pair, but the turn came another Ten delivering Troy a raw deal.

An interesting hand quickly followed the knockout of the bubble... Daez blind bet 50k UTG, Jason calls for 40k, Chris pushes for 70k. Daez K6, Jason 77 and Chris with 88. The flop ran out: 4 K 6 (two pair for Daez). The turn brightened up Jason's day and delivered him a set of 7's. The river a Jack. Jason takes out the main pot with a set of 7's, Daez takes the side pot for 20k, and Chris gets 20k chips back.  4 K 6 7 J on the board.

Daez got the rest of his stack in against Jason, A4 vs 42. Jason flopped a pair of 2's, the turn was a blank. A four on the river hit both players hole cards, but gave Jason two pair to make that the end of Daez. J 2 7 K 4 on the board.

Chris managed to take a majority of Jason's chips before Jason and Dan got their cards face up. Dan was all in for just under the BB (blinds 8k/16k), Jason had him just covered. Dan holding 83 against K7. With Q 2 9 A Q on the board, K high was good for Jason and Dan was erased.

Chris pushed into the shorter stack with Q7, Jason called with KT. A Queen on the flop gave the last action hero the win, with the turn and river of no consequence. 4 4 Q 8 3.

Although managing to avoid termination on several occasions himself, Chris managed to come out on top, claiming just the one kill of second place!  A special mention to Jason and Dan however, who both racked up an impressive 6 kills each!!!

Thanks to everyone who turned up to try something new, we hope to see you back next week.

And don't forget our $250 bonus for the best Terminator for the month.  Here's the tally so far:

Name Kills
Daniel H. 6
Jason S. 6
Daez 3
Chris R. 2
Will S. 1
Roy W. 1
Gary T. 1

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dan Wins Again!

Tonight we had  a good turn out with 31 players showing up to play for the $2500 prize pool.

Final five was Dan H, Alex, Corey, Dan G and Todd who all went home with warm feet after winning some bonus socks.

Taking fifth prize was Todd. He had pocket 7's up against Alex with AQ. Alex hit his King on the flop and it held.

Corey was next to shove with 58 off suit. Dan G called with AQ, the board was KJ653 knocking Corey out.

Down to the final three, Dan H raised to 25000 with AT, Alex went all with 114000 holding K8, Dan G called 41000 with KQ which Dan H called. The board was J4Q75 sending Alex packing.

Heads up Dan v Dan, Dan G shoves with Q6 called by Dan H with A5. No one hit and a pair of nines with an ace  kicker was enough for Dan H to take out another tournament.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Flushing The Competition

The Tournament filled out with two tables and 20 entrants this week. The prizepool sat just under $2,000.

Top 4 this week went to; Pete, Chris S, Martin and Tai.

Martin called a push from Pete with very close stacks. Hole cards: Pete 52, Martin A7. The board came out 3 K T 6 K. It was revealed how close the stacks were after a count ($100 change for Pete).

All in for a partial Ante', Pete got isolation from Tai holding KQ(sp) against K3. Tai flopped a flush, Pete tried his best to catch up (to no avail), hitting two pair on the turn. (3 J A(sp)) K 2.

Chris pushed UTG for 111k chips, Tai pushed for 50k on the SB, Martin folds 77's on the BB. Hole cards: Tai 99, Chris K8(cl). The flop came out; 6(cl) 7 A (Martin did not regret his fold too long), Turned 2(cl), River J(cl). Chris knocks out 3rd place with the 2nd nuts.

Chris and Martin exchanged a few blinds sizing each other up. Final hand: Chris called the BB for 12k, Martin checked. 2 (6 5(sp)) came out on the board, Martin pushed, Chris called. Martin held 10 5(middle pair), Chris had 98 in spades (flush draw). The turn delivered a Queen... And do did the River... A Queen of spades!  Another flush, another knockout. Well played!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Winter Wightout

We had a modest turnout this week (snow). Top 3 were paid a stake of $1275.

Peter went head to head pre with Greg, Peter A7, Greg J9. The board ran out without hitting any hole cards, sending Greg home as the bubble this week. 4 3 K T 8.

Peter had been building up his stack for a couple of hands. Peter seeked blood from Ray, who had stolen a BB off Peter earlier (an important BB).  Peter pushed pre-flop with K4, Ray called with the hand which cannot lose, 22. Flop came out 7 7 2! The King on the turn gave a sweat for Ray, promptly ended by an Ace on the river.

Ray and Todd were the top two this week. Todd had made an epic climb from 4BB's around an hour earlier, he now stood the big stack. The first heads-up hand was the final hand. Ray pushed on the Button with Q9, he got called by Todd with 77. The board flopped a pair of 6's, T 6 6. The turn paired the board once more when another Ten came out. The river was an anticlimactic 3.

Thanks to everybody who made it this week!