Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Chris with his finishing hand.
Heads up between Aaron and Chris started pretty even 140k vs 105k,

 Aaron got a double up with 55 vs AJ.

Chris managed to work his way back into the game doubling up to 60k

Chris got it all-in against Aaron's raise, Chris managed to climb up to 50% chips, winning with  55.

With even stacks, the two decided to split the top prizes.

Chris got a juicy AQ in the flip for the photo.


This Sunday is the $200 15k deepstack, starting at 2:30.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Chris PLOts his First Win of the Year

We had 24 players turn up for our debut of our alternating PLO/NLH tournament tonight. With the addons and rebuys, we managed to get a prize pool of over $1800.

The top four were paid. They were Alex M, Hamish R, Chris R and Dan H.

All of the knock-outs happened in the 3000/6000 PLO round. The Board A-A-2-3-8 was out. Hamish shoved all-in with Q-K-J-9. Hoping he would fold, Dan called with 8-8-Q-10 and his fullhouse sent Hamish packing.

Alex was next to go all-in with A-10-3-8. He only had 2x the Big Blind, so Chris called with 7-7-8-Q. Board was 5-4-J-6-3 so Chris' pocket 7's held and Alex was next to get knocked out.

Dan was next to shove. Raising "pot" pre-flop, Chris re-raises all-in. Dan had 10-Q-7-4, Chris had  6-8(h)A-Q(s). Board delivered four hearts and Chris' flush was enough to take down Dan and claim his first "W" for the year.

The fun continues on Friday with our Turbo S'n'G tournament kicking off at 7:30pm. we'll see you there.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Taking Out #1 With Just His Starting Stack

We had 22 Players and a prizepool of $1750 in our Weekly Wednesday 6-Max.

Final four this week we had: Rayel, Ray Wong, Jason M and Chris R.

Jason had had a good night without a rebuy or add-on and arrived at the final table as chip leader. He was content to have made the cash and loosened his range making for some interesting end game.

Jason took a double up out of Chris when his bluff got called and he managed a runner runner straight (much to the dismay of the two short stacks and Chris). Jason reclaimed the chip lead.

Rayel was all in before the flop and matched by Chris and Jason. The flop came out 8 8 7 and Jason pushed all in, Chris called with pocket Aces. Jason flipped over K8 (trips). Rayel had A9 on the short stack. The turn revealed a King which gave Jason a boat. Only one river could change the outcome of the hand, that one card wasn't a 6 though. Jason made a double knockout and fast-forwarded himself into heads-up.

Jason had roughly 5/6 chips in play, Ray with the remainder. Ray gave himself a fighting chance when he managed to double his stack. Shortly later, Jason went all-in and was called by Ray, A2 against Q7 pre. T 3 6 5 T came out as the community cards scoring Jason the win and a dream run for a $20 entry. Well done!!!

As a fun wee change, next week the Wednesday Tournament will be alternating rounds between NLH and PLO.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Alex Claims Another Taste of Victory

We have a whopping 28 in our Weekly Wednesday 6-Max Tournament tonight. With all three tables almost full, the stakes were high. Everyone was fighting for their share of the prizepool of over 2k. This week saw a few new faces as well.

Top five were paid this week. Those five were; Alex M, Gary T, Karl R, Martin K and Gavin B.

In the first battle, we had Alex with A(s)-10(d), had A-9. Both all-in preflop. Flop was 6(h)-8(s)-5(s) and Alex got lucky with 10(s)-6(s). Runner-runner flush took out Gary.

Next to fight it out was Martin and Gavin. Both all-in preflop, Martin had J-Q and Gavin had pocket 8's. All was looking good for Gavin, until Martin rivered a pair of J's (A-2-4-6-J).

A flop of A-K-9 had shown, Martin went all-in with A-6. Karl called with K-7. Turn (J) and river (9) gave Martin the higher two pair and Karl left in 3rd place.

Our final went back-and-forward a few times but when the board 4-Q-6-J-2 was out, Alex went all-in with K-6. Martin called with 3-6. Alex's K played and left him "King" of the tournament (two in a row).

Thanks to all those that came tonight, it made for an exciting tournament. And congratulations to all of our winners.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Peasant Poker Investors see Return

The Proud Champion

Tonight we had a turnout of 19 players in our Weekly Wednesday 6-Max.

The final four players this week were; Elliot, Alex, Asj and Karl

Asj got his chips in pre against Karl. K6 spades vs pocket 4's. The flop was a miss for Asj, the turn delivered Karl a set and the river was of no help. 2 7 9 4 J on the board.

Elliot managed to outplay Peasant poker's "Alex El Mayo" into doubling up his stack twice.  Alex turned up his game and obtained KK and convinced Elliot to call. Q T 8 Q J allocated the 9 4 pro the chips he had lent.

Heads-up we had Karl and Alex. The two played out for around 15 minutes before the final hand unfolded. Alex started the hand with a pre-flop raise and got a call. A C. bet on the flop was followed by an all-in by Karl, the Peasant calls. Alex had top pair with AJ and Karl turned over middle pair with T4, 5 J T on the flop. 9 on the turn and river didn't change how it stood.

A well deserved win for Alex, a sure boost for all his fan-boys and girls.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Big Wednesday

We had 29 entries to the Weekly Wednesday 6-Max this week, the prizepool was just under $2,300.

We paid down to 5th this week, the lucky/skilled 5 this week were; Elliot, Clyde, Levi, Matt and Ray.

5th place went home with Matt. After losing the majority of his stack, Matt was sitting on two BB, on the BB. Matt got called by Elliot (UTG) and Levi on the SB. Matt had 96 up against J8 and A8. K 4 7 Q J, all the rounds were checked down and 9 high (like a boss) wasn't good enough for Matt this time.

Next to take a prize home was Elliot, he went up against Ray pre-flop with A2 vs KT. A big hand had taken its toll on Elliot's stack and he was left with just over 20k. K 7 7 J 8 came out on the board and Elliot got sent packing.

Levi managed to make it to the $$$ on his 1st tournament and ended up taking home 3rd place. In his final hand he was taken out by Clyde with a pair of Q's. Levi with A6 and Clyde with QT on a 4 3 8 Q 7  board. Nice effort Levi!

Ray and Clyde played it out heads up for around 20mins until the crucial hand. No action pre-flop except a call for the SB and a check on BB. The fop came out T Q 9 and Clyde pushed all-in... Ray was pretty pleased to flop 2 pair and he called. Ray had Q9 in the hole vs Clyde's J4. Turn and river came 2 7 (dodging Clyde's open-ender) and Ray's two pair were more than enough to win him the 1st.

Ray also won a bonus pair of Dunedin Casino socks to help him run good in future tournaments.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Short and Sweet

We had a modest 13 turn up to this weeks Wednesday 6-max Tournament. With quite a few rebuys and addons, we still got a prize pool of over $1000.
It was quick to make a final table.

Of the final table, we paid the top 3. They were Eva L, Dan H and Martin K.

Eva was the first to bite the dust, going all-in preflop with 9-8(d), Martin called with pocket 4's. Nothing showed on the board (2-7-K-J-5) so the pair of 4's held.

At heads-up, Dan goes all-in with A-2. Martin called and had A-9. Board was 3-9-5-Q-6 and Martin's pair of 9's were good enough to take out Dan and take the tournament "W".

Thanks to all those that played and congratz to our winners.

Join us next week, same time, same place.