Saturday, October 14, 2017


After two weeks we have a 2 way tie between two veterans of the Dunedin Casino Poker scene!  Two more weeks to go to be crowned Terminator of the Month!  It's still anyone's game, good luck!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tonights Terminator almost Terminated

What a night of poker!  Tonights terminator was almost terminated just after the 1st break.  Down to only 3.2k in chips, tonights winner had to battle back from the dead to take 1st place.

26 players on 3 tables, a massive 63 addons and 61 rebuys made a total prize pool of $2394 plus another $650 in bounty's up for grabs.

1st $1079
2nd $670
3rd $405
4th $240

Final table and the most decisive hand of the night had to be a 3 way all in with short stacks Noel with K 10, Danny with Q Q and Greg with A A.  Flop comes 4 6 5, turns another 6 and the river an 8 giving Greg a descent stack at the final table and a double knock out taking 2 bounty's.

A few hands later Greg again is all in with K K up against Andrew with 6 6, flop comes A 3 10, turns another A and river an 8 doubling Greg up and taking another bounty.  Andrew out in 4th.

Final 3 decide to do a deal sharing $675 each leaving $129 to play for 1st.

Gary was out in 3rd shoving with 8 7 and got snapped called by Greg with K J, flop came 9 Q 10 giving Greg a straight of the flop and Garry no hope and was out in 3rd and taking 4 bounty's.

Final hand had Daez shove with K 9 and Greg again called with 4 4, flop comes 2 Q 7, turns a 5 and river an 8 making Greg's 4's good enough for the win.  Daez out in 2nd taking 4 bounty's.  But huge play by Greg coming back from only 3.2k in chips to take the overall win and take a massive 6 bounty's.

A great night of poker enjoyed by all and again proving that your not out until all your chips are gone!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Terminator Shum.

Tonight's action at 7.45pm started with only 5 players but 15minutes later we had 27 players battling it out for a total prize pool of $2320 plust $675 in bounties.

Even though the rebuy and addons were down from last weeks action, 1st prize was still paying over $1000 at $1045, 2nd $650, 3rd $395 and 4th $230.

Final table and the most deciding hand of the night was Chris S taking a monster pot on the final table.  Allan H goes all in with A 4, Hao raises to $12k, Chris re raises to 40k with Q J and Hao calls, flop comes Q 3 8 and Chris pushes all in and Hao reluctantly folds.  Turns a 6 and rivers a 3 giving Chris Allan's bounty and a pot of over 100k and now a massive lead over the rest of the field.

With this massive chip advantage Chris easily cruised to the win taking blind after blind and chipping away at the other players.  He took the most bounties tonight with 8 in total!  A great play by Chris putting him ahead on the bounty leader board.

Results were:  4th Hao, 3rd Martin, 2nd John B and of course Chris in 1st place.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Last to arrive, last to leave.

Today we had 21 people turn out for the September deepstack playing for a prize pool just short of $5000.

Dan managed to get out of bed and rocked up with twenty minutes to spare now everyone else wishes he kept sleeping.

Down to the final five we had a three way all in. Andy went all in with pocket eights, Tristan called with pocket aces and Dan with the biggest stack called with JK. Board is 6J9K4 and Dan successfully knocks out two people for the second time today and Tristian scores the fourth place prize.

Final three is Dan, Todd and Adam. Todd makes a move first pushing all in with JT and Dan calls with KQ. Unfortunately for Todd the board doesn't run in his favour, with a king on the turn sealing his fate in 3rd place.

Final hand Adam is all in with Q2 of spades up against Dan with A7. The flop comes T67 with a spade, and the turn bringing in a flush draw to make sure there was a sweat for the 2k. With the river bricking out, Dan holds on to take out the tourney.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Judgement Day!

What a Night of Poker!  We started tonight's action with only 8 players, 5 minutes later we had a line of players rearing for action and all of a sudden we had 26 players on 3 tables.

78 Rebuys and 66 addons pretty much summed up the nights action.  Total prize pool tonight was $2734 plus $650 in Bounties.  1st prize was a whopping $1230, 2nd $765, 3rd $465 and 4th received $275.

Some amazing all in hands throughout the night but down to the final table we had a new comer Craig who was our bubble tonight out in 5th place.

Jeremy was out in 4th place who pushed in with 7 7 up against Michael with A 9, an A fell on the flop to give Michael a pair of A's and Jeremy was out in 4th with $275 but also had a whopping 7 bounties under his belt taking away another $175 on top.

Next to go was Ray with J 8 up against Michael again with 7 9, a 7 fell on the flop giving Michael a small pair and Ray was out in 3rd taking away $465 plus a single bounty to his name.

Final 2 and the show down was on.  Chris Roy chasing his 3rd Terminator Title up against the final table assassin Michael G!  The action went back and forward for about 15 minutes until Chris won a huge pot of over 200,000 with Q 6 up against Michael with 9 9, Flop came Q A K, turns a J and river a 4 giving Chris a monster pot and Michael severely short stacked.  Forced to push, Michael goes all in on his 20k big blind with 6 3 up against Chris's K 8, flop comes 2 10 Q, turns a 7 and river a Q making Chris's K in hand good enough to take 1st place and also 5 bounty's.  Michael taking 2nd prize and 3 and half bounty's.

A great night of poker wrapping up September's Wednesday Terminator Bounty Month.  Winner of the Most Kills for September will be announced soon.

Well done Chris for taking out his 3rd Terminator Tourny!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sunday 24 September $10 Turbo Rebuy

Terminator Leaderboard 23/9/17

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Total
Martin K 1 5 2 8
John B 5 1 1 7
Hayden R 4 1 - 5
Peter N 1 4 - 5
Greg S 1 3 1 5
Jason S - 3 2 5
Jono T 4 - - 4
Andrew A 3 - - 3
Ray W 1 2 - 3
Michael G 1 1 1 3
Daniel H 2 - - 2
Todd W 1 - 1 2
Gary T - 1 1 2
Julian B - - 2 2
Corey H - - 2 2
Aaron Mc 1 - - 1
Mau V 1 - - 1
Robert Mc 1 - - 1
Noel L - 1 - 1
Danny W - - 1 1