Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Exciting Start to $50 Cubed No Limit Hold'em Tournament

Tonight we had our first No Limit Hold'em $50 Cubed Tournament.  5000 chip starting stacks limited to 20 players max and only 1 rebuy and just 1 addon available per player.

17 players started straight away tonight with the new structure, and with 21 Rebuys and Addons, all together tonight's total prize pool was $1,710.

$855 for 1st
$515 for 2nd
$340 for 3rd.

Unlike the Terminator Bounty Tournaments the action was more conservative with the limited rebuy and addon's on offer.

Final table and the bubble went to new comer Tristian who shoved all in and got 2 callers.  Unfortunately for him the flop came 2 3 3 turns another 3 and river a 9, Ross show's his A high and Tristian mucks and finishes in 4th place.

Next to go was Rayel who was short stacked and shoves with KT, Alex calls with 62, flop comes 3-6-A, turns another 6 and the river a K - Rayel out in 3rd place but taking away $340 for his efforts.

Heads up and it was over pretty quick, Alex with sizable chip advantage and blinds up to 8K 16K, Ross finally gets a hand and pushes all in with A6, Alex calls with Q2.  Flop comes A-K-6 all clubs, turn a 7c and the river a deuce.  Alex's Qc good enough for a flush and our 1st Cubed winner taking away $855 for 1st place.  Ross again in the money taking away $515 for 2nd.

A fantastic start to our Decembers Cubed Tournament giving our Terminator Bounty Tournament a break over the quieter holiday period.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Peasant Pillaging People as Per usual

Tonight was the last Wednesday Terminator for the year and although we only had 16 entries there was plenty of action with 38 rebuys and 41 addons making a total prize pool of $1519.

Also up for grabs tonight was the $250 for the most bounties this month. Alex was looking good going in with 13 kills already locked up and 2nd place only having 9.

The final four were Alex M, Chris R, Dan H and Gary T with Dan being knocked on in 4th to be our bubble boy. His A5 was no match for Alex's 78 leading to the 5th kill of the day for the peasant.

In 3rd place and taking home $215 was Chris who got his Jacks in against Alex's AQ. An Ace on the flop was all that was needed for kill number 6.

Heads up between Alex and Gary only lasted a few hands with Alex using his 10-1 chip lead and no fear of shoving to his advantage. Gary ended up being all in pre-flop with 84 against Alex's 77. A 7 on the flop was more than enough and Alex had another kill giving him 8 for the night including his own.

For 2nd place Gary got $454 leaving Alex with $850 for first plus an extra $200 from bounties.

With Alex knocking out half the field tonight his total kills for the month was a massive 21 which was easily enough for him to be this months Terminator Champion earning him another $250.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

November $220 Deepstack Results

Today we had 16 players and 4 re-entries giving us a prizepool of exactly $4000.

Only top three were paid which lead to a very exciting final table.

The November Nine were Mok H, Ross M, Hao, Chris R, Gary T, Tim M, Julian B, Michael G and Oliver S.

First out was Chris with his 7 card straight to the King losing to Gary's Ace high straight.
Shortly after Michael was busted out by Ross when his JQ got crushed by AQ.

Next to go was Mok who got it in with AK against Julian's 9T but couldn't hold when Julian hit a Queen high straight.

With the blinds getting high we had two quick knock-outs with Ross's 66 holding against Tim's AK and then Gary's 88 holding against Julian's KJ.

With only 4 players left there was a lot of safe play with no one wanting to be the bubble boy until Oliver shoved from the button with A2 and Hao woke up with AA in the big blind. There was a bit of a sweat for Hao with a J45 flop but he managed to dodge a 3 and take most of Oliver's stack. Gary was quick to take the rest of Oliver's chips with top pair against a flush draw.

The final three were Ross, Hao and Gary.

Out in third and taking $800 cash was Ross who shoved pre-flop with A7 and was called by Hao with 99. The board came out 59329 giving Hao quads and providing a bit of excitement for the people on the rail.

Heads up between Gary and Hao didn't last too long and was over once Hao shoved pre-flop with KQ and Gary called with A8. An Ace on the flop all but sealed Hao's fate and another on the river ended it all.

In a reverse of last month's Deepstack, Hao came 2nd taking home $1200 and Gary was our winner taking home $2000.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Slow Start But Terminator Still Gets Its Kills

Tonight's action started slowly and only had 16 players in the tournament.  However the 16 players  generated 37 rebuys and 33 addons giving a total prize pool of $1366 plus another $400 in bounty's.

1st prize tonight was a total of $685, 2nd $410 and 3rd place $275.

Down to the last table and tonight's bubble went Hao who pushed all in with 5 5 up against Vinnie with 9 9, flop comes K Q J, turns a 6 and river a 2 making Vinnie's 9s good enough and taking another bounty to add to his collection.

3rd place went to Ross T who pushed all in with A 6 up against Vinnie again with A K, flop comes 9 9 2, turns an A and river an 8 making Vinnie's A K good enough and again another bounty to his growing collection.

 Heads up and both players only look at one card and Danny pushes all in with Q 4 and Vinnie snap calls with sighting only one A with a 6 to go with it.  Flop comes 6 7 A, turns a 4 and river a J making Vinnie's A good enough for the win and yet another bounty.

Danny taking away 2nd place and also 2 bounty's, giving him a total prize of $460 for the night.

Vinnie taking away $685 for 1st place and taking a record breaking 9 kills for the night and a whopping $225 for his bounty's, thats a grand total of $910 for the night.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Penultimate Terminator Round and the Last Deepstack for 2017

This week is the Penultimate round of the Wednesday Terminator Series, with one more week to go and the most kills taking away a cool $250 kill bonus.  Also this Saturday we're running the last Deepstack Freezeout.  Anyone looking to get a cheap entry can look at trying the Friday night satellite.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

8 Kills by Tonight's Terminator! Will She be Back??

Although tonight's action lacked the numbers, the 18 players that showed up provided more action, enthusiasm and energy than previous weeks.  With 37 rebuys and 49 addons tonight's 1st prize was $830, 2nd $500 and we only paid to 3rd with $380.  Total prize pool up for grabs was $1660 plus another $450 in bounty's.

Final table saw Chris R limp onto it with just $200 in chips, however on the button he pushes all in with the lumber jack hand (2 4) and catches two 4s on the flop and wins $1300 for the flop, just $300 short of a big blind.  Next hand Chris pushes all in with A 10 and gets 4 callers, he hits trips on the flop and quads on the turn to have just over 8000, however his come back was not meant to be knocked out the next hand!

Tonight's bubble was a double knockout by Debbie taking out Hao and Mel in the one hand for 4th and 5th place.

Down to the last 3 and Debbie pushes all in with 5 5 and Ross calls with A 2, flop comes 10 6 4, turns a 9 and the river an 8 making Debbie's 5s good enough for another bounty and Ross was out in 3rd place taking away $330 plus another $50 for his 2 bounty's.

Heads up and again Debbie pushes all in with Q 5 and Julian calls with A 9, unfortunately for Julian the flop came Q Q 8, the turn a 10 and the river a 4 knocking Julian out in 2nd taking away $500 which was a great effort with no kills for the whole night.  Debbie showing great patience through out the whole night taking away 1st prize, $830 and the most bounty's in one night with 8!  That'ts $1030 all up for the night.

A fantastic night of poker again enjoyed by all!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Terminator does not feel Pity, Remorse or Fear!

True to the title, tonight's winner felt no pity or remorse taking out 6 bounty's on their way to victory!

Tonight's action started with only 7 players on 1 table but 10 minutes later we had 19 players battling it out on 2 tables, and it was action, action and more action. 

With only 19 players we still had a massive 50 addons and 36 rebuys for total prize pool of $1671 plus another $475 in bounty's.

1st $751
2nd $470
3rd $285
4th $165

Hand of the night had to go to Gary who had A 8 up against Josh with 8 8, both were all in pre flop and the flop came A 8 A turns a K and river a 3 which didn't matter as Josh was dead on the flop. 

Final table and unfortunately once again the bubble went to Noel.  Gary T was out in 4th taking away $165 which was a great effort for not taking a single bounty for him self.

Final 3 and Alex was all in with Q 3 up against Mau with A 6, flop comes K 10 2 the turns a 3 and river a 10 knocking Mau out in 3rd, but Mau takes away $285 for 3rd and $125 in bounty's.

Final 2 and it was over quick!  Lewis pushes all in pre-flop with K 10 and Alex calls with A 8, flop comes 5 9 6, turns a Q and river another 6 making Alex's A in hand good enough for the hand and the over all win and title of Terminator.  Lewis taking 2nd and $470 plus another $100 for his 4 bounty's.

Alex taking away $751 for 1st and taking a whopping 6 bounty's extending his lead to 13 on the bounty leader board.