Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hasta la vista, baby

We had 19 people show up for this weeks Wednesday Terminator Tournament, all geared up to win their share of the $1600 prizepool and as many bounties as they could.

We had four on the final table; Chris S, Mok H, Hayden R and Noel L. 

Shum shoved pre-flop with J-J, Hayden called with J-A. Board was 5-2-4-7-A. Hayden rivered top pair and knocked Shum out, leaving him with 4th place and one bounty top cash out. 

Next to seal their fate was Mok. All-in after the flop with 6-7(c) chasing the club flush. Hayden called with Q-2. No more clubs came up and Hayden's 2-pair held, adding another bounty to his already decent collection.

Shortly after, Hayden shoved pre-flop with J-2(h). Noel called with A-5. Board came out 7-10-7-2-Q and it was the 2-pair again that gave Hayden the win. Noel still got to take away 2nd place and a couple of bounties.

Hayden had and impressive 10 bounties. Congratz

Bounty Table this week.
Roger P 2
Gary T 1
Chris S 1
Mok H 3
Noel L 2
Hayden R 10

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Terminator Shum Totally Annihilates Competition With No Mercy!

It was a total one horse race tonight with Chris absoultely dominating the competition right from the start, his only head ache was, "Do i need to addon"?

What a night of poker, with our 2nd Terminator Bounty tournament of the year we had 24 players show up to battle it out.  With 63 addons and 65 rebuys this added for a prize pool of $2440 plus another $600 in bounty's.  That's a total of $3040 all up!

1st prize $1100, 2nd $685, 3rd $415 and tonight we paid to 4th for $245 and lets not forget the $600 for bounty's up for grabs.

A big special thank you has to go out to all our regular poker players who each week show up to play.  Chris R, Gary, Noel, Danny, Hayden, Josh, Chris S, Greg and more.

We had 3 tables of 8 in action most of the night all with very similar chip counts and rebuys and addons, Chip leader from the start was of course Chris who double rebuyed at the start and went  from there.

Final table and out in our favourite bubble position to give Noel a break was Hayden who had K Q and shoved, Chris S calls with 8 2.  Flop comes and Chris hits 2 pair on the flop and it was over, Hayden out in 5th place.

Next to go was Nick who pushed with 10 10, Chris calls with A 5 and catches an A on the flop and Nick was gone in 4th place taking away $245 for his effort and not taking a single bounty.

By this time Chris pretty much had over 90% of the chips.  Gary sees K 10 and pushes, Chris sees A 9 and calls, flop comes 7 A 2, turns a 4 and river a 3, Gary out in 3rd place taking away $415 plus another $125 for his 5 bounty's.  That's a total of  $640 for his night.

Very next hand and Chris was all in again with A 2, Matt with K 8, flop comes 2 10 10, turns a 5 and river a 9, Matt out in 2nd place without taking a single bounty on his journey but still takes away $685 for his effort.

1st prize went to Chris taking away $1100 for first place plus another $300 for his 12 bounty's.  Thats a total of $1400 for his night.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Full Blue Super Moon Signals The Return Of The Terminator

It was a slow start to our first Terminator Bounty Tournament since November with only 14 starters, but with 33 Rebuys and 42 Addons we still had a grand prize pool of $1429 plus another $350 in bounty's up for grabs.

31st of January also saw a Super Blue Moon which could explain some extremely aggressive play from a lot of our players.

1st prize tonight was $715, 2nd $430 and 3rd paying $285.

Biggest pot tonight was on the final table with a 3 way all in with Phil short stacked going all in with K 3h, Aggressive player Chris H pushes all in with over 46K with Q 2s, and Chris R calls with A Qh, flop comes 4 As 6s, turns a 3c and rivers a 9s and Chris H wins a monster pot with over 100K in the pot with a flush on the river and cuts back Chris R's chip lead.

Tonights bubble went to Noel who pushed all in with K 3, again Chris H calls with K Q and Gary moves in with A 7, flop comes 5 J 7, turns a 6 and river another J making Gary's 7 good enough for another big pot and Noel out in 4th place.

Down to our final 3 with all 3 players with about $70K each.  With blinds up to 6K/12K Chris H pushes all in with 5 8, Chris R sees one A and calls, flop comes 8 K 5, Chris H hitting 2 pair right away, turns a 7 and river a Q, Chris R out in 3rd place taking away $25 for one bounty and $285 for 3rd place.

Heads up and Chris H slightly ahead of Gary in the chip count, Gary shoves with J 7 and Chris calls with A 7, flop comes 5 6 2, turns a 9 and river an A knocking Gary out in 2nd place taking away $430 plus $75 for 3 bounty's.

Chris H with his aggressive play takes out our 1st Terminator Tournament of the year taking away $715 for 1st prize and $200 for taking 8 bounty's.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Casino Cube Champion Corey Conquers Competition

Today we ran the special $100 Cubed Deepstack Tournament and had 19 runners and 1 re-entry. With a further 27 rebuys and addons the prizepool was a tasty $4230.

Top 4 places were paid meaning first prize was just short of $2000.

The final table was Brodie, Chris H, Corey H, Danny W, Gary T, Ketch,  Mark N, Noel L and Vinnie.

First out was Mark who got his AQ in against Vinnie's KK. A King on the turn sealed Marks fate and we were down to 8.

Soon after, Noel shoved the river on a board with two 6s and mucked his hand quickly when Chris called and turned over A6.

Our short stack Brodie was next to go when he went all in blind with T4 and couldn't suck out against the AQ of Chris.

In 6th place was Vinnie who got his KJ in against Corey's 9T suited. A Jack on the flop wasn't enough with Corey flopping a straight and an open ended straight flush draw. A King on the turn improved his hand but Corey took down the pot.

The bubble boy today was Gary T who was short stacked and shoved A2 into Chris's pocket 8s. There was a 2 on the flop for a small sweat that didn't amount to anything and suddenly we were in the money!

Shortly after getting in the money Corey shoved 72 from the small blind. Ketch called from the big blind with AT and was rewarded with an Ace in the window. However a 7 on the flop put everyone on edge and the 2 on the turn didn't come as too much of a surprise. Corey had him covered and Ketch was out taking home $420.

Next out was Danny who shoved K8 and was called by Corey with 67. The flop came 789 of hearts and Corey wasn't in too bad a shape with his 6 of hearts and Danny having only black cards. An off suit 9 on the turn didn't help but a King of hearts on the river gave Danny a second of celebration before realizing Corey had hit his flush. Corey's good luck continued and Danny was sent home with $715 for his troubles.

Heads up between Chris and Corey was going slowly until Corey shoved his T7 on the river of a 73A3T board when he misread the board and didn't realize he was losing to any Ace. Chris seemed to be confused by Corey's actions and hero called but mucked his hand after Corey's accidental bluff turned out to be the best hand.

Chris was left with less than big blind and so was all in with K7 against Corey's J7. Being dominated didn't worry Corey and a Jack on the river ended the tournament.

Chris took home $1180 and our winner Corey received $1915.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Danny's Big Come Back

Tonight's action was short on players but big on spirit with a very fun night of poker.   We had only 10 players on the one table right up to the  break but those 10 players were all regulars and ready for action.  Also with only 13 players all together showing up 1st prize still came to $835, 2nd $500 and tonight only paying to 3rd, taking home $335.

13 Starters and 24 rebuys/addons tonight still had a total prize pool of $1665 to play for.

Most the action happened on the final table and Tumua was our man to beat running hot with a sizable chip stack.  However one of the top hands of the night had a 3 way all in.  Tumua K Q up against Danny with A J and Josh with Q Q, flop comes 9 8 7, turns a 4 and rivers a J, Tumua out in 5th place in the end and Josh tripling up and Danny left with only around 3 big blinds left.

Final 4 players played for around 45 minutes with no knock outs, then finally when blinds were up to 6K/12K Noel goes all in blind, Danny calls with 6 9, flop comes 9 3 3, turns a J and rivers a 4, Danny catching a 9, Noel flips his cards showing 7 2!  Noel out in 4th place in the bubble position taking away a brand new pair of Dunedin Casino socks for his effort!

Blinds were now 8K/16K with 2K antes so Josh shoves with A 2, Ross calls holding A Q, flop comes 10 3 J, turns a 5 and river a K, Josh out in 3rd taking away $335 for his efforts.

Final 2 and it was a show down, Ross up against Danny who only had 3 big blinds earlier.  Back and forth the action went until Ross was finally forced to shove with only 2 blinds left with 10 5d, Danny calling with A Q, flop comes 9 J 5, turns a Q and river a 7 knocking Ross out in 2nd place taking away $500 and Danny after only having 3 big blinds left grinds back from the dead to win the whole tournament and taking away $835.

A fantastic energetic night considering the numbers.

This Saturday 27th January at 1pm we have our $100 Cubed tournament too!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Last To Arrive? Last To Leave!

19 Players started tonight and we still had a grand total prize pool of $2205 to play for.  With 29 Rebuy/Addons taken, 1st prize came to $995, 2nd $615, 3rd, $375 and 4th place $220.

With a lot of action right after the break we were down to the final table by just after 10pm.  Tonight's bubble went to Chris H who was the final table chip leader, but 2 hands later he was all in with QT up against Tumua with AJ.  Flop comes 5-5-7, turn's an 8 and river's a K making Tumua's A good enough.

Next to go was Andrew with A8 who went all in, again Tumua calling with Ac4c.  Flop comes Qc-Jc-8, turn's a 6 and the river's a 2c giving Tumua a flush, sending Andrew out in 4th with $220.

A few hands later Gary who was getting short stacked and  pushes in with J7.  Again the caller was Tumua with 64s.  Flop comes 6-7-2, turns a 9 and river a 4 giving Tumua 2 pair and Gary out in 3rd place taking away $375.

Heads up with Danny and Tumua fighting it out for almost 40 minutes.  Danny severely short stacked battled back well to almost be even with Tumua but eventually was short stacked again and forced to shove with 23o?  Tumua calling with K7, flop comes 5-K-2, turn's a J and river's another K giving Tumua trips and the win. 

Danny taking away $615 for 2nd place and Tumua, last to arrive tonight and playing only 2 hands before the break takes out the last 5 players on the final table to take the win and also $995 for 1st prize.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Big Pay Day For Cube Winner

Tonights action started pretty quickly with 15 players starting right on 7.45pm then 5minutes later we had our 2 tables full with another 3 players on the waiting list.

With 23 entries in total tonight we had 39 rebuy/addons to contribute to a total prize pool of $2700.  1st prize tonight was $1215, 2nd $755, 3rd $460 and 4th place $270.

Players tonight were more aware of using the waiting list and again some players were trying to dump chips so they could re enter the tournament via the waiting list.  Noel choosing to do this just before the break deciding to push all in with 8 6, however this was to be one of his best hands of the night tripling up and in the end Noel had just shy of 10000 chips to head to the break with.

There were some great hands tonight with Kev hitting quad 4s in one of his first hands, we had plenty of action with most players choosing to play their addons and rebuys as well.

Down to the last table we had Al win a huge pot, he was all in with A A up against Noel with J J and last weeks winner Gary with A 7d, Gary hit his 7 on the flop but Al's A A was good enough to take a huge pot and Gary was out in 6th.

Bubble tonight went to Josh who went all in with A 9 up against Al with A 6, flop comes 8 6 K, turns a 5 and river a Q, unfortunately Josh with the slightly better hand out in 5th place.

Next to go was Norman who dominated the start of the final table, Norman has Q 4 and pushes all in, Noel calls with K 2, flop comes 6 K 5, turns a A and rivers a 10, Norman out in 4th taking away $270.

Final 3 decide to do a deal, each taking away $700 and leaving $330 to play for 1st.

Next to go was Greg who pushed all in with ducks (2 2)up against up against Al with queens.  Flop comes 10 4 K, turns a 7 and rivers a 5, Al's Queens good enough to take a huge pot of over 100k.  Greg out in 3rd taking away $700 for his effort.

Heads up we had Noel who for the 1st time in ages was not the bubble up against Al from Canterbury.  Still playing for $330 Noel pushes all in with 7s and Al calls with 8s!  Flop comes 2 K 4, turns a 6 and river a 2 knocking Noel out in 2nd place taking away $700 and Al taking away 1st prize which with the deal was still $1030.  Not a bad night of work for the final 3 players all taking away at least

Great night of poker again with a great prize pool tonight.  Don't forget 27th of  January we have our 1st $100 Cubed Tournament.